About Nisha Addleman

I have always loved writing and creating stories. From childhood, I dreamt of different worlds and made them come to life with words. My love of writing blossomed in 8th grade when given an assignment to add a chapter to Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

Now, I write fantasy, gothic, mystery, and more. I have delved into everything from long novels to short stories.

I grew up in Central Coast, California. My mother is an Indian immigrant and my father was born and raised in the U.S.. Being half-Desi, half-white and growing up with diverse friends inspired me to write diverse characters and common struggles often left unspoken. While I like to tackle hard subject matter, from depression and anxiety to abuse and assault, I hope my stories can still uplift people, bring people together, or even let one person know they, too, deserve a happy ending.

When not writing, you can find me belly dancing, watching wrestling, doing yoga, playing video games, or cooking, among many other things, but I'm probably thinking about writing.

I am currently unagented.

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