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Writing Portfolio

This is a catalogue of short stories and writing samples.

For published works, including published short stories, please check go to Published Works!

Short Stories

Here you will find complete short stories.

Jump to Writing Samples for scenes, excerpts, scripts, and screenplays.

(Romantic fairytale)

Synopsis: Forced to visit with suitor after suitor, Hasna’s one true companion is only a statue. Though when strange things start happening, she hopes he’s more than that.

(Dark, heart-wrenching horror)

Synopsis: A woman plagued with dark thoughts must confront a monster slowly creeping out from beneath her bed.

Content Warning:

Depression, Self-harm, Suicide, Violence, Blood

(Humorous with sci-fi elements)

​Synopsis: She just wants to optimize your experience.

Content Warning:

Adult themes

(Gothic horror)

Synopsis: A man awaits his death and the answer to an old family curse.

inspired by The Alchemist by H. P. Lovecraft

Content Warnings:

Alcohol, cigarettes (mentioned), death, murder, ghosts

(Gothic Romance)

Synopsis: Confined to a bed and faced with mortality, what is it like to die?

Content Warnings:

Discussion of illness and death

Writing Samples

Here you will find scenes, excerpts, scripts, and screenplays.

Jump to Short Stories for completed stories.

Sample screenplay with a focus on drama and dialogue.

This is a 4 page PDF.

Sample interactive narrative made in Twine.

More Coming Soon!

This is only a small selection of my works.

For more examples, PDFs, and questions, please email:

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