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List of Short Stories

This is an alphabetical catalogue of Nisha's short stories, each with a synopsis, the genre, and content warnings.

For published works, including published short stories, please check go to Published Works!

​Synopsis: Forced to visit with suitor after suitor, Hasna’s one true companion is only a statue. Though when strange things start happening, she hopes he’s more than that.
(A romantic fairytale)

​Synopsis: A woman plagued with dark thoughts must confront a monster slowly creeping out from beneath her bed.

(Heart-wrenching horror)

Content Warning:

Depression, Self-harm, Suicide, Violence, Blood

​Synopsis: She just wants to optimize your experience.
(A humorous light sci-fi about a phone)

Content Warning:

Adult themes

Synopsis: A man awaits his death and the answer to an old family curse.

(A Gothic Horror inspired by The Alchemist by H. P. Lovecraft)

Content Warnings:

Alcohol, cigarettes (mentioned), death, murder, ghosts

Synopsis: Confined to a bed and faced with mortality, what is it like to die?
(A bittersweet Gothic with elements of romance)

Content Warnings:

Discussion of illness and death

More Coming Soon

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